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Pound for Pound Exchange

We are able to exchange certain offerings in our bulk product offering, if you want a little extra of one thing and less of another let us know! The following items are what we are able to exchange pound for pound:

  • Ground Beef
  • Fajita
  • Tip/Rump Roast
  • Short Rib
  • Brisket
  • Minute Steak

Please see the information below for what is included with each bulk order size.

If you are in these areas: Lincoln, Omaha, and Grand Island area, please email or call Range West Beef for pricing and free delivery on orders in bulk for a Half Beef or more.

Preferably make your order with anticipation, Winter 6-8 weeks, and Summer 2-5 weeks. Note that if we have meat in stock, we can help you in a short time.

We are located in Marquette, NE. If you live in Nebraska, we can give you options trying to avoid shipping costs (most of the time).


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1/8 Beef includes 50lbs.

3 Ribeye
2 Filet
3 Sirloin Steak
3 Strip Steak
30 Ground Beef  (one pound package)

3 Arm/Chuck Roast
3 Rump/Tip Roast
2 Short Ribs
1 Brisket
1.5 Soup Bone
1 Liver
1.5 Stew
1.5 Fajitarump/Tip Roast
1 Minute Steak

1/4 Beef includes 100-110lbs.

6 Ribeye
4 Filet
6 Sirloin Steak
6 Strip Steak
1 Flat Iron
60 Ground Beef  (one pound package)

6 Arm/Chuck Roast
6 Rump/Tip Roast
4 Short Ribs
2 Brisket
3 Soup Bone
2 Liver
3 Stew
3 Fajita
2 Minute Steak
1 Skirt Steak

1/2 Beef includes 205-215lbs.

12 Ribeye
8 Filet
12 Sirloin Steak
12 Strip Steak
2 Flat Iron
1 Flank Steak
120 Ground Beef  (one pound package)

12 Arm/Chuck Roast
12 Rump/Tip Roast
12 Short Ribs
4 Brisket
6 Soup Bone
4 Liver
6 Stew
6 Fajita
4 Minute Steak
3 Skirt Steak
Tongue or Heart


Whole Beef includes ~420lbs.

24 Ribeye
16 Filet
24 Sirloin Steak
24 Strip Steak
4 Flat Iron
2 Flank Steak
240 Ground Beef  (one pound package)

24 Arm/Chuck Roast
24 Rump/Tip Roast
24 Short Ribs
8 Brisket
12 Soup Bone
8 Liver
12 Stew
12 Fajita
8 Minute Steak
6 Skirt Steak
2 Tongue or Heart

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Bulk Package Size

1/8 Beef, 1/4 Beef, 1/2 Beef, Whole Beef


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