Check out what grass-fed beef enthusiasts like you have to say about our products.

“Fantastic meat! Your flat iron steaks are better than some rib eyes I have had!”

Richard B., Toronto

“We are definitely enjoying the beef. (One of the owners) was very impressed.”

Sheila B., Omaha, CrossFit Gym

“We compared your filets against a competitors prime tenderloin at a large dinner party. Every single person preferred your steaks!”

Ken C., Omaha

“We just want to let you know we are completely thrilled with it all, the amount, the quality, it is awesome and we love it! Thank you very much! We appreciate it!”

Cindy S., Omaha

“Our meatball panini was always very good, but your (ground) beef just put it into orbit!”

Gina Sterns, Omaha, Owner of Dolce Café

“Superb. We enjoy them (rib eye steaks) immensely. Hoping I can get some more.”

Mark Schatzker, Toronto, (Author of “Steak”)

“Thanks a lot! I am now officially a beef snob! I no longer enjoy corn fed!”

MJ, Lincoln

“Thank you for your commitment to grass-fed! This is something my family will continue to seek out from Range West because your taste and quality is supreme to others!”

Martina N., Omaha

“Man! We really enjoyed the steaks! (On our trip,) we also bought some grass-fed steaks from Wisconsin. All were tender but the flavor of yours exceeded the others!”

Bill P., Grass-fed beef producer from Canada

“OMG! Those must be happy cows! They taste so good! Grilled filets last night, fork tender!”

Cherre, Kansas City

“I have loved the liver I have gotten from you and I am sure all your products are high quality. Thank you for providing this great healthy source for those in Nebraska, we are lucky to have you.”

Christina M., Lincoln

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