Bulk Prices

  • You cannot order or purchase through the website, this item is for information only.
  • To estimate your total amount, multiply pounds times bulk price (105X$8.45 for a quarter beef) The total could be a little bit less or a little bit more (weight variation)
  • Orders in Bulk for half beef or more $8.25/lb., we offer free delivery (Lincoln, Omaha and Grand Island area)
  • Preferably make your order with anticipation, Winter 6-8 weeks, and Summer 2-5 weeks. Note that if we have meat in stock we can help you in a short time.
  • If you want us to ship your order, we need to add a charge for handling. We are located in Marquette,Ne. If you live in Nebraska we can give you options trying to avoid shipping cost (most of the time)
  • Please contact us for questions and to arrange your order.
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