We are a small family farm operation located in Marquette, Nebraska working hard to produce high quality grass fed and finished beef from start to finish. Aside from the mouth-watering taste of our organically grown beef, you and your family can reap from the health benefits that come along with it as well, including 3x more Omega 3 and roughly 100 fewer calories per serving.

Our family has been farming and raising cattle in this area for over 120 years where we are provided with fertile soils, irrigated pasture, and cool season grasses. Our cattle are born, raised and finished on grass or hay.  No grain is fed and we use neither antibiotics nor synthetic hormones. We do not feed any ethanol by-products or animal by-products to our grass fed cattle. Our herd is comprised of mostly Black Angus stock.

Meet the Jacobsen family:

  • Luke, farming since 1978
  • Wife, Lori, teaches 1st grade
  • Son, Aaron, wife Carli and children Ava, Jonas, and Amelia- NE
  • Son, Ryan, wife Abby and children Julian, Reese and Halle- NE
  • Son, Adam, wife Liz and children Luke, Leah and Thomas- NE
  • Daughter, Marcy, husband Oscar- NE
  • Oscar helps with production and Marketing.
  • Lori and Marcy help during Farmer’s Market