Peter Jacobsen – 1904

This is a 1904 photo of my great grandfather, Peter Jacobsen, with his cattle at the Omaha Stockyards. These cattle traveled by rail from Marquette to Omaha. They were fed ear-corn, but were not pushed hard on grain like commercial cattle in today’s modern feedlots. My grandfather Chris, and father Elmer, also brought cattle to the Omaha Stockyards. Farmer-feeders, generally, gave way to larger commercial feedlots over the years, and like many others, we began selling calves as yearlings.

In 2004 we made the decision to try grass finishing. In 2007 we began direct marketing our first grass fed beef. Since then we have made improvements in our cattle genetics, selecting for carcass quality and superior performance on forage alone. We began grass feeding because we thought we could reduce costs and produce healthier beef. We never expected there would be so many people who would prefer the flavor of our beef. Today, we hear comments from customers such as, “superb” -“the best beef I have ever tasted!”-“the best beef in the world!” and “the best, absolute best!”.  We are gratified by the response of so many and humbled to be stewards of  many great resources that enable us to produce a quality product.